Week 1 Reflection

This week’s reading was good information to reflect on. As most of my peers blogged, constructionism is not a new idea or concept and people/students have been doing it for ages. However, it’s good to refresh our minds and think of how constructionism has been used and new ways to use it incorporating technology. My week has been spent ordering the items I will need for this course and preparing for the end of my school year. With the end of my ITT position this year I will be going back to teaching in a classroom. I have been reflecting or better yet convincing myself that it will be okay and that actually I will be better served in the classroom. The EDET courses I have taken and the last year spent as an ITT I have learned a lot that will help me be a better teacher. I am excited to implement PBL and possibly even a maker space. I am excited to try and get Sphero’s for my classroom and to teach my students to code using many different resources. After taking this Robotics course, I am hoping I will feel even more confident to add more coding activities into my classroom and possibly some 3D printing ideas.


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