Week 2 Reflection

This week was interesting learning about Growth Mindset. I had not heard of that term before, and after some research, I now know I am a fixed mindset. As educators it’s important to understand and know our students, knowing which mindset can help us prepare how we approach their learning and also help differentiate for our students. It also helps explain why I sometimes have students that struggle with academics, but excel when they can create or make things. Mia had some good examples for how she promotes student’s different mindsets.

In commenting on the blogs of my peers in class, I tried to make connections in what they had posted to something I have been doing and/or reflecting on. Jessica posted a comment to Cindy’s blog with the idea of hanging a quote from Professor Dweck in the classroom, “you can be as smart as you want to be”. I thought that was a good idea.

During the Wednesday maker space hangout I was able to get my Arduino setup and Lee helped me find the code for making a light blink. It felt good that I was able to accomplish that J My weekend has been packed with dance recitals and birthday parties, so I haven’t taken much time to tinker yet, but I plan on it. After watching Jessica’s tinkering video she posted in this week’s reflection I am inspired to try some stuff out, however it does look complicated.


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