Week 5 Reflection

This week’s chapter was interesting to read; because some of the stuff the authors wrote about I didn’t agree with fully. As an elementary teacher it’s hard to find the balance in knowing what students need structure in and what they do not. I actually would debate that for primary elementary students there needs to be structure in everything. With in that structure there could be built in choice and creativity. When I responded to the blogs of others I tried to give suggestions/information I have learned in the past year as an ITT, for example I shared a tech resource with Cherie. In others reflections I felt like my sharing was well received and appreciated.

My Arduino projects are going well. I haven’t been able to attend the Google hangouts because of conflicting schedules, but I will attend again soon. It has been helpful watching them later in the week and to reference them later if I have problems while making a project. At first Scott intimidated me, because he is so far ahead of me in projects (that’s my competitive nature). However, now I like it because he shares great information in his videos that helps me when I go to create a project. Thanks Scott!


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