Week 7 Reflection

I have got makerspace on the brain. Every container or box that I get rid of I think…my students could use this in our class makerspace. I don’t have space in my house to keep every container, but when school starts I might bring in my recyclables. I have been trying to figure out how to create a makerspace in my daughter Bailey’s bedroom; she is a maker. The other day I had an empty egg carton that I was about to throw away and then I thought…I should see if Bailey wants this. When I showed it to Bailey and asked her if she wanted it, her eyes lit up and she smiled “Yes!”

This week I spent time reflecting on the types of rule/guidelines for my class makerspace. Like last week, this week I learned a lot from my UAS colleagues. Many rules that I had not thought of they did. I spent time reading my colleagues blogs and finding what I could borrow from them to make my rules. Many of my colleagues categorized their rules i.e. clean up, tools, safety. Cherie created a safety rules and guidelines document. I like her document, so I made a similar one that I posted on my makerspace website.

This week I took some time to work on my makerspace website (http://clubmakerspace.weebly.com/).  Cindy’s website gave me some good ideas in what I should have on my website.  I also found a few other websites that gave me some good ideas on what to add to a makerspace website. One website I found had a “donate” tab. I thought that was a great idea, so I added one to my website. I have a Google Docs list of materials my makerspace needs and I have a form that people can fill out, to email me, if they want to donate supplies.


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