#uasrobotics Week 8

Can you teach more than you know?

Last year teaching 3rd grade I had a technology teacher come into my classroom and help my students set up their Google drive accounts. The teacher also showed my class how to create and share a folder. As the tech teacher left the room my students were so excited to use Google drive. I thought to myself…I will have to take some time this week to research how my students could use Google drive in the classroom. A few days later one of my students came up to me and asked if he could show me the Google slideshow he had created. My student had created a Google slides project about his summer salmon fishing trip. I was amazed! After my student showed me his slideshow I was convinced I needed to have the rest of the class create slideshows. That student became the teacher for our class. If students had a question, he would assist the class, it was great! As the rest of the class created their projects they naturally helped each other. As a teacher it was a heart-warming experience. As stated by Hlubinka, M., et al. (2013), “Delegate some of your responsibilities to advanced students and adult volunteers (p.18).” As teachers we don’t have time to explore and learn everything about every thing. Allowing or students to share in learning opens up the world of learning for everyone, teachers and students. In the online article, Three Trends that Define the Future of Teaching and Learning, Tina Barseghian writes about the changing trends in education and what it means for students, educators, and schools. According to Barseghian (2011), Teachers’ and students’ relationships are changing, as they learn from each other. Teachers’ roles are shifting from owners of information to facilitators and guides to learning.”

Creating a classroom makerspace is an opportunity to give students ownership of their own learning as they explore their own passions.

Martinez & Stager (2013)

Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom

School makerspaces encourage students to become teachers and share their knowledge with others. In chapter 5 of the Makerspace Playbook the authors share ways that the teacher’s role can shift becoming a coach, researcher, or project manager and the students’ role becomes that of a mentor in the classroom. As stated by Hlubinka, M., et al. (2013), “Nobody who uses the space needs to be an expert, not even the teacher. The most important thing is to have a passion for and a curiosity about making in many different forms (p.17).” So to answer this week’s essential question I would say, “yes”. Students can and should be encouraged learn more than what a their teacher knows.


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Martinez, S., & Stager, G. (2013). Invent to learn: Making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom. Constructing Modern Knowledge Press.


7 thoughts on “#uasrobotics Week 8

  1. Ali- Is that the same this as google docs? I have students use google docs all the time to do projects and assignments because they can log on to any computer. That is what I do as well if I don’t know something and a student knows something I will tell them you are going to help others if they need help and they are pretty happy about it. I think that is the best role when teachers and students learn from each other. Many of my students know different ways of teaching that let the other students see how it works and that is a wonderful feeling to see them teach others.


    1. Yes Google Drive/Google Docs. All 3-12 grade students in our district are given school accounts. It’s really nice. When I taught 3rd grade they loved sharing documents with each other and working on the same documents together. One of my students was amazed that 5 students could work on the same Google slideshow.


  2. I liked your Google slide show story. It always amazes me how much kids know about technology or how quickly they figure it out. In the time it takes us to read through the help menus, kids are already halfway through a project. I remember when I first started using a Smart board. Kids were consistently giving me hints about ways I could use it. I began having students come up to the front of the room to demonstrate their knowledge. I learned more from my kids that year than I would have if I tried to figure it out on my own. My students enjoyed sharing their knowledge and I learned some valuable ideas. It sounds like you experienced the same thing.


    1. Yeah it really is nice and the students love being the ones to show everyone what they know. That’s why I think my students and I will enjoy having a makerspace in our classroom, because students will be able to share/show what they know and help one another.


  3. Google Slides is a great example of collaboration, one of the three trends discussed in this week’s reading. I was skeptical about it for a long time. Because I was so familiar with PowerPoint, I didn’t want to switch. For one of my college classes, someone suggested we work on our group presentation in Google Slides. I was probably about as excited as an elementary student. Real time collaboration is awesome. Now I use Google Docs all the time. I’ll have to try using it with students in my classroom.


  4. Ali, I love how that student jumped right in and figured out how to make a slide show. I think that is what is required of teachers when it comes to new programs and technology. However, for some (like me) it’s hard to be fearless and there is also a time element that needs to be considered. Learning how to use new software and technology takes time and many times teachers are short on extra time, at least that is usually the case for me. The difference is the reward. It is rewarding when students can teach me and each other. There is definitely a joy I get as a teacher when I watch my students become the teacher.


    1. I agree it is so hard to find time and if my student hadn’t of brought his project to me it might have taken me weeks before I learned more about how to use Google slides.


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