Week 8 Reflection

I was unable to attend the Google hangout maker time this week, but I did watch what Lee had recorded. It was interesting seeing what Lee was making with the circuit tape. I also noticed on Twitter that Cindy had created a bulletin board with circuit tape, which I think is a great idea! While researching circuit tape I came across a YouTube video explain the best ways to manipulate the tape. At the end of the video there are ideas on how to use the tape. I am interested in using the tape to decorate the windows in my classroom (3:43 in the video).

This week I think I read all of my peer’s blogs; they were all so interesting to read. We all agreed that educators can teach more than they know. I also think I commented on everyone’s blogs, because I was able to make a connection, add a resource or my two cents to what my peers were writing about. Megan brought up a good point in her blog that the educational system needs to catch up with technology. Her statement had me wondering…why is education so behind the times? educators should be the pioneers. Tech companies should be asking schools and universities to pilot their technology.

Things are coming along with the Arduino; I think I am finally getting the hang of it. However, I still rely heavily on the Arduino software for the codes. I am fine when it comes to coding like Scratch Jr. or Tickle, but Arduino’s code looks like Latin to me. My background knowledge of code is so limited that I struggle to understand it. In the maker hangout I noticed Scott was on project 13. While he was building he was commenting on some of the difficulties of the project. In my head I was secretly hoping he would make a video for it. Well low and behold when I checked the Robotics Google Community he had created a video. His videos are so helpful to watch before I actually do projects. I definitely plan on watching Scott’s project 13 video before I attempt to complete it on my own.


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