Week 9 Reflection

This week I hit a wall with my Arduino projects. I was having issues with getting them to work. Then I realized that the few projects I have left to complete in the book require a 9 Volt battery, which I did not have. I went to the store and purchased some 9 Volt batteries, so that I can try those projects during the next maker Google hangout.

This week’s essential question was a little overwhelming for me. One, because I am not sure what the school I will be working at will have as far as resources and space for a maker day. And two, because I don’t feel confident enough to fill a whole day with maker activities. For my first issue I decided to base my ideas as if I was working at my prior school and in my maker day plan I didn’t go into a ton of details about my activities. I mostly planned the structure of what I would want and why. For my second issue I decided it would probably be okay to start small (baby steps), so for my comfort level I think I would actually do a maker night about 2-3 hours of making rather than a full day. In a few years after experience and comfort level increasing then I could try and host a whole day of making. I also think it would be great to eventually host a maker day for teachers as professional development. In Scott’s blog he shared a video where teachers were taking part in a maker day as professional development learning about the importance of making in the classroom. If we want teachers to try and incorporate “making” into their classrooms, they will need exposure and training. Megan blogged that she wanted to try a few different coding activities as part of her maker day, but that she wasn’t sure what to use for her primary students. I shared some coding app resources with Megan that I have learned about and used over the past year as an ITT.

Lastly this past Saturday the public library had a celebration for their summer reading program. They had tables set up with different crafts, hand tattoos, and cookie decorating. As I watched my kids go from station to station, I thought…they could do this with “maker” activities. One table could have robotics, one could be building with blocks/Legos/K’Nex, and one table could have arts and crafts supplies. It would be a great way to get the word out to the community about “maker” spaces and the importance of them for students.


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