Week 10 Relfection

Another great week for getting information and ideas from my UAS colleagues. This week’s essential question asked us to align our makerspace with our district’s technology plan. In my comments this week I mentioned one or two things I agreed with or liked from their blog posting. Megan shared how her district uses an art camp at the end of the year to motivate students to come to school. I know I always feel exhausted in the last few weeks of the school year. Students seem to misbehave because they are also ready for summer break. The snow starts melting and students and teachers want to get out and enjoy the weather. Having some sort of camp i.e. art or maker would be a good way to focus students, after state testing and in the final few weeks of school. Theresa shared a makerspace video that I enjoyed watching. It was neat to see students share why the makerspace was important to them. It was also neat to see the makerspace coordinator, the school librarian, share tips for makerspace ideas and organization.

I am working on my makerspace website and this week’s blog will be added to my website in the hopes that FNSBSD admin understand the importance of my makerspace.


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