Week 11 Reflection

This week’s essential question had me reflecting on what I have been doing to keep current with 21st century skills. After reading the blogs of my peers I was reminded that I had forgotten to include some of the tech tools I use in my week 11 blog posting. Cindy shared that she uses Edutopia and Twitter to stay current with 21st century skills. I too have found Titter to be a useful tool for technology and teaching resources. Scott’s blogged that he would like to take a leadership approach to professional development. I think that it’s a great idea that he wants to share what he is learning in the UAS master’s program with other teachers. I feel it’s important for teachers to share and collaborate with one another just as we would expect our students to.

In commenting on the blog’s of my peers I tried to share resources. I shared a video on Cindy’s blog that I saw during a conference I attended. This week I am working on getting my Makerspace proposal finished and working on the last few Arduino projects.