#uasrobotics Week 12 Makerspace Presentation


4 thoughts on “#uasrobotics Week 12 Makerspace Presentation

  1. Ali,

    You did a nice job of pointing out how having a makerspace aligns with your district’s technology objectives. You said that having a makerspace promotes problem solving, persistence, and creativity. Persistence is key when making. It goes back to encouraging students to have a growth mindset and that when something does not go right it just means they are not there yet. Good luck with your proposal!


  2. Alison- Great job on your proposal! Your makerspace website is awesome as well. Very organized and easy to follow. The only thing I would like to see if when we click on the link it could take us there. If we want to look at your website we had to type it in. I tried to look at your surveys but couldn’t type in the right address. That is ok but would be easier just to click and it would bring us there.


  3. You used an excellent combination of district goals and state, district, and ISTE standards. These are things administrators want to see. I believe this is something your district would support, especially after seeing the ideas you’ve compiled. Nice work Ali.


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